My Friend Just Told Me He Believes in Q

It scared me

Liman Albridge


The Q Flag… Looks like American flag but 50 stars are replaced with stars in the shape of the letter Q.
Isn’t this shit dead already? Credit: Wikimedia

Writing this on Saturday night, as the sun is setting on Portland, OR.

I tried to have lunch today with an old and influential friend. I haven’t seen him since shortly after Trump got elected. He used to be a big and unlimited thinker, but it was lurking in the back of my mind that he had told me he’d voted for Trump in 2016.

Our meeting was good at first. We talked about gaslighting, and how it’s absolutely everywhere (and always has been).

Then he told me that the Arizona election was stolen.* (I voted against Trump in Arizona, and the recount personally offends me. They’re trying to invalidate my vote.)

He tells me that Covid-19 was engineered as a power grab. He says Biden is in bed with China. These are lines of thought that I’m open to talking about, because there is likely some kernel of truth in them.**

I ask him about Trump being a foreign asset (which he clearly is). He says it’s hogwash.

I ask him about Trump University. He says he doesn’t know anything about it. Then he starts in on Critical Race Theory, and I really can’t believe my fucking ears. This is the same guy I spent hours talking about compassion and human potential with, spouting the most BASIC republican talking points.

He says the election was rigged. On this point, he might be right.***

Then he says the election is not over, and Q is real. He says Biden is engaged in a coup. That Trump wasn’t trying to take over the government.

I ask him if he’s seen the documentary about Ron Watkins, who, in my mind, was probably Q for much of the run-up to the election. He dismisses it as propaganda (but hasn’t seen it).

The conversation is totally civil, but we’re both realizing how much we’re not on the same page.

Then I ask him about systemic racism, and he says it’s not real.

Anybody who doesn’t believe in systemic racism is a fucking snowflake.

If you’re on the fence about it, you need to realize that YOU’RE AFRAID TO LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE, probably because you’re mentally and emotionally unequipped for the psychological readjustment that…



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